Vickie Mills, M.A., BCBA (she/her)

Senior Behavioural Consultant

[email protected]

Vickie is excited to be heading up the team expanding FCPG’s services into the Fraser Valley to provide behavioural consultation services and intervention based on applied behaviour analysis in these areas.

Vickie received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Alberta in 2005. She also completed a Master of Arts degree in Special Education with a concentration in Autism and other Developmental Disabilities at the University of British Columbia. Vickie’s Master’s thesis focused on using video modeling to facilitate the generalization of imitation skills with a young child with autism. She joined the Family Centred Practices Group (FCPG) as an intern in 2003, and has supported children with autism in early intervention programs in both Vancouver and Edmonton as a behavioural interventionist. Vickie returned to Vancouver to pursue graduate school in 2005 and began working with FCPG in a Junior Behaviour Consultant role. She continued to gain valuable experience with FCPG and became a Behaviour Consultant and currently works with children and families in a Senior Behaviour Consultant role. Vickie became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA™) in 2009.