Behavioural Interventionist Online Course

All Behavioural Interventionists working with Family Centred Practices Group must successfully complete our comprehensive online training course.  Students must demonstrate proficiency with the course content by achieving a grade of 80% or higher on tests related to each of the 13 modules.

The content provides students with a firm foundation in understanding the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and the application of these principles to involvement in behavioural intervention programs. The information is presented in a variety of modalities to increase understanding. There is written information, visuals, examples related to the specific concept, and videos.

In addition to the online training, Behavioural Interventionists are consistently involved in our competency-based training protocol.  The protocol is designed to teach and test each component covered in the online training in-vivo with children in our program.  General concepts are individualized to train BIs on the skills in specific relation to each child’s unique behavioural plan of intervention.