Positive Behaviour Support

Dad with children

Our Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) Plan Development and Implementation is designed to resolve challenging behaviours occurring in the home, at school or in the community. Individualized, empirically-validated interventions, based on comprehensive assessment are formulated to strengthen positive behaviours and weaken undesirable behaviours.

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) Plan Process

Phase I: Assessment:
Tasks include:
  • Functional Assessment Interview
  • Functional Assessment Observations
  • Functional Analysis (if necessary)
  • Data analysis
Phase II: PBS Plan Development:
Tasks include development of:
  • Positive Behaviour Support plan
  • Implementation plan
  • Implementation checklist
  • Materials (e.g., visual supports)
Phase III: Initial Implementation:
Tasks include:
  • Caregiver Training which involves modeling, coaching and role play of support plan strategies
  • Positive Behaviour Support Plan revisions
Phase IV: Maintenance and Follow-up
  • Follow-up visit(s) to ensure fidelity of implementation and provide troubleshooting
  • Measurement to ensure effectiveness of interventions