Positive Behaviour Support

Our Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) Plan Development and Implementation is designed to resolve problem behaviours occurring in the home, at school or in the community. Individualized, empirically-validated interventions, based on comprehensive assessment are formulated to strengthen positive behaviours and weaken undesirable behaviours.

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) Plan Process

Phase I: Assessment:
Tasks include:
  • Functional Assessment Interview
  • Functional Assessment Observations
  • Functional Analysis (if necessary)
  • Data analysis
Phase II: PBS Plan Development:
Tasks include development of:
  • Positive Behaviour Support plan
  • Implementation plan
  • Implementation checklist
  • Materials (e.g., visual supports)
Phase III: Initial Implementation:
Tasks include:
  • Parent Training which involves modeling, coaching and role play of support plan strategies
  • Positive Behaviour Support Plan revisions
Phase IV: Maintenance and Follow-up
  • Follow-up visit(s) to ensure fidelity of implementation and provide troubleshooting
  • Measurement to ensure effectiveness of interventions