Behavioural Intervention Program

The Behavioural Intervention Program we offer is for children both under and over 6 years of age and takes place in home and/or preschool settings. We provide a full service team consisting of Behavioural Consultants and Behavioural Interventionists.

The Family Centred Practices Group consulting team will provide the following services:

  • Develop an ABA-based intervention program (including document reviews from previous assessments and reports, parent participation in goal setting and program prioritization, initial assessments, program development and creation of individualized behavioural plan of intervention);
  • Monitor and evaluate the ABA-based intervention program (including on-going assessments, data-based decision making, program progression, new programming, and acquisition rate);
  • Initial training for behavioural interventionists (2 days with follow-up) and ongoing training as needed;
  • Team meetings (held once every 3 weeks) supervised by a member of the consulting team (attended by family member(s), member of consulting team and behavioural interventionist(s));
  • Ongoing monitoring and evaluation of behavioural interventionists working with your child (including video reviews and/or overlap sessions);
  • Observations of your child in home and community settings (including day care/preschool/school) as necessary;
  • Liaison and consultation with professionals involved with your child (including speech and occupational therapists) as necessary;
  • Monthly consultation by the behavioural consultant and/or program supervisor with clinical director, senior advisor and/or senior behavioural consultant;
  • Electronic mail and telephone consultations with parents, behavioural interventionists and other professionals involved with your child.