For Schools

We present on a wide variety of topics of interest to classroom teachers, special education assistants, resource teachers and all school-based team members.

Please contact us if you are interested in hosting a workshop on topics such as:

  • Class-wide Behaviour Management Strategies
  • IEP Development and Implementation Support
  • Visual Supports for the Classroom
  • Friendship Groups for Students with Autism and their Peers
  • Supporting Families through Kindergarden Transition
  • Home-School Collaboration

In addition to topics such as those listed above, we have developed a comprehensive training series for educators based on the National Autism Center’s, Evidence-based Practice for Children with Autism or Related Disabilities in School Environments. Click below for more details:

Professional Development for Educators

Disclaimer: Photos of children are either of former clients or have never been clients of Family Centred Practices Group and used with permission of the parents and/or legal guardian. We have obtained written consent for use of photos of staff/supervisees shown.