Kenny Ho, B.A. (he/him)

Senior Behavioural Interventionist / Junior Behavioural Consultant

[email protected]

Kenny graduated from the Simon Fraser University with a B.A in Psychology in 2013 and he has been working as a Behaviour Interventionist for over 6 years. He is now working as a Senior Behavioural Interventionist/Junior Behaviour Consultant at Family Centred Practices Group. He is currently pursuing his Special Education (Applied Behaviour Analysis) Master Program at Arizona State University. Kenny has always wanted to work in a place where he can put a smile on the face of the people he serves, and to have a positive impact on their lives. He also loves to help individuals fight through their challenges, learn new skills, and has developed great friendships with those he supports.

Kenny Ho is fluent in English and Mandarin. She can provide services in Mandarin upon request.