Back to School!

written by FCPG on August 28, 2015 in FCPG Tips with no comments

Happy child day care worker with children reading a book in kind

Transitions from vacation to school can be challenging regardless of the age of the child. Below you will find some of our suggestion for how to support your child in having a positive transition from holiday to school day.

1. Set up an “All About Me” book: “All About me” books are useful in introducing the school team to your child’s specific likes, dislikes and learning style. “All About me” books are an unobtrusive way to introduce teachers and other school-based professionals to your child and to let them know how best to support him or her in the classroom.

2. Do a dry run: See if you can visit the school prior to the beginning of the academic year. Show your child where important locations such as the lunch room , bathrooms, library, water fountains and classrooms are. A dry run will acclimatise your child to the new setting and allow for some alleviation of first day jitters.

3. Put together a social story around school and school-specific expectations: Describe what a school day may look like, when the bell rings what should your child do? What should they do if they want to ask or answer a question? Ensure that you emphasise the fun things they will get to do at school to peak their interest!

4. Speak to your consultant about any specific concern: Ask your consultant if there are any specific skills that you need to support your child in developing prior to attending school. As the school year gets underway, other skills may show up that need to be targeted. Collaboration between school and your child’s home team will also help to facilitate transitions throughout the year.

As always, speak to your consultant if you have any questions or need any support!