Planning your child’s kindergarten transition

written by FCPG on August 27, 2013 in Transitions with no comments


Why is it so important to plan for your child’s transition to kindergarden?

Transitions can be very stressful for families, especially when there are unique needs that may need to be condidered. One way to reduce the stress of transitions is to have a plan in place.

Having a transition plan is important for a number of reasons:

– Transition plans help reduce fears of the unknown.

– Transition plans can help families build relationships with new people who will be supporting their child.

– Transition plans help parents assist their child in adapting to the new environment during the transition process.

– Transition plans ensure professionals and family members are well-informed, thereby helping prevent interruptions in services.

– Transition plans enable parents to play an active role in their child’s transition.

– Transition plans make the adjustment to a new program or routine easier for the whole family.

– Transition plans make the transition process more efficient by eliminating the need for duplicated assessments and planning meetings.

– Transition plans reduce stress associated with change.

View our upcoming newsletter on school transition and see a transition checklist that you can use to plan for your child’s transition.   Also, check out our next blog to learn more about the steps in the transition process.